Here Goes Something…

Have you ever wanted to do something but were scared to take the first step into the greatness and uncertainty that comes with a divine new adventure?  Have you wondered if people would say, ‘she’s crazy,’ or, ‘how lovely,’ or, ‘atta girl, woop woop!’

This is the writing adventure upon which I’m embarking.  It may not be divine, but it is certainly an adventure. My goal is to take in the cities, see the beauty, the silver lining, the sunshine when skies are grey. Because there is far too much time spent on grey skies in this world. I want to shine some beauty in my corner, and hopefully help passersby (here on the blog and on the sidewalk) smile.

I just moved to a new city last month.  I’ve been exploring and working hard at a new job and getting confused by the streets and trying to get a new drivers’ license and spending lots of time with my husband since we are pioneers of sort here in the city of Saint Paul, all the while smiling at everyone I meet.

I spend my days dancing around in the kitchen (occasionally running into stuff), getting a new wardrobe, cultivating new friendships, deepening my home-love roots, and swirling my words in an effort to express the delightfully confusing and beautiful adventure that is small-town girl meets the city.  I am taking photographs with a new camera, taking classes, and taking time to soak in the city.  I am drinking lots of coffee to keep up with my fourth grade students and I am quizzing my husband as he studies to be a chiropractor.  I am learning new words and learning shortcuts but taking the long way anyway and learning to be patient.

I want to share my adventure with you. Share the newness, the not-always-perfectly-spoken but always from-my-heart truth about sometimes being scared, happy, contented, befuddled, energized, tired, whimsical, and ridiculously excited about the little things in the big city.

I want to create something good. I want to have eyes that spot goodness in everything and everyone.

So. Here goes something. Something lovely and honest.  Something pretty and good.


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