I love my whole house.

This girl, Jessica, knows how to do it. A little Monday morning motivation for you. Try standing on your bed, bathroom counter, couch, coffee table, anything that resembles a proclamatory perch or sweet soap box and saying the things you love. It feels good.

Mine are as follows (and I will try to be relatively concise, in true Jessica fashion):

I love my hilarious and handsome husband;

I love weekend trips to see good friends and their new apartments;

I love my whole house (like Jessica), especially when yummy crock pot dinners are simmering or molasses cookies are baking;

I love my short commute to work and almost even more, my short commute home from work;

I love family visiting for the weekend. and their bringing a frozen lasagna for us;

I love my fourth graders’ eager beaver passion for life;

I love my niece who will be born in November;

I love my brown leather boots and skinny jeans;

I love hugs. serious bear hugs. not the weak ones. the real tight squeezy hugs;

I love giving presents early because neither of us can wait;

I love getting real mail and sending real mail and decorating the envelopes.

Happy Monday. Make it a good one 🙂


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