License to Drive… the saga.

Me in my car after scoring my new license. Or, at least, the carbon copy of the paperwork.*

After our April wedding (a perfectly beautiful spring day, with peonies, ranunculuses (ranunculi?), cupcakes, irish touches throughout, happy tears at the vows, and perpetual smiling), I decided to postpone the excitement of an afternoon in the DMV in pursuit of the highly coveted new-last-name driver’s license.

I knew we would be caulking the wagon and floating it (Oregon Trail, anyone?) over the Mississippi River to STP later in the summer, so it hardly made sense to get a new-last-name license in Wisco and a second one once we had arrived, as newlyweds embracing graduate school and teaching as a profession. So, we decided to both go get new Minnesota licenses once we’d settled.  The prudent thing to do would be to get all of the licensing, titling, and car plates done in one fell swoop. Well, let me tell you, easier said than done.

The first time we found the downtown DVS (completely different acronym here for the DMV.  Also, they call a bubbler a water fountain in Minnesota. What is that?!), we didn’t bring the right paperwork.  I was all set for the photo op, we had studied the entire 80 page driver’s manual – yep, all new-to-the-state drivers have to pass a 40 question test – and had driven around most levels of a  confusing labyrinth of a parking garage, but didn’t have the right paperwork.

Long story short, I waited almost two months and finally scooted to it to the DVS on a sunny afternoon off of work, since they only take applicants until mid afternoon.  Drumroll, please….

I passed my drivers test, as did Ian. pfew. Now, I check the mailbox every day, hoping to see the now too-familiar DVS logo. 2-4 weeks to go! You should see the reaction when the waitress asks to see my ID and I whip out a set of identification materials. 🙂

Figure out the Minnesota Department of Vehicle Services… check.

Watch out streets of MN. The fun has arrived.*

On a remotely related quaint/ unexpected side note, the license plates and titling office for the City of St. Paul not located in the Department of Vehicle Services Building (visualize a tall, looming, slate colored edifice), but rather on the second floor of Sears, across the street. Yep, the department store. By the bed and bath department.  What beautiful juxtaposition.

*All driving pictures were taken in a safely parked vehicle. I promise, Mom.


4 thoughts on “License to Drive… the saga.

  1. Glad you passed your test! Did they have a “behind the wheel” section? I am still traumatized by that, nearly 40 years ago!

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