Between the Raindrops

Thanks to MEA weekend, I was able to have Friday off. (yesss!) Since days off rarely/never happen during the school year (or they do, but I always seem to really appreciate them), I jam pack them full of erranding, baking, visiting, and appointmenting. This Friday, we were lucky enough to add something exciting to our regular weekend plans. My sister and her husband came to visit for the weekend. eeeee I love company! I hadn’t seen them in two months, and we had LOTS to catch up on. I even planned a weekend menu (though most of what I planned to eat was at our fave restaurants).

Most of Friday also happened to be very, very rainy.  Clouds and cool weather sat atop the Twin Cities and decided to begin drizzling tiny, inescapable drops as soon as we left the safety and warmth of the car.  In between two appointments and several shopping establishments, I went through three pairs of flats (maybe I should get some adorable rainboots – though it never seems to rain here until I have a day off).  I even saw a guy riding his unicycle (seriously) in the drizzle. I almost missed my green light.

My fabulous sister and me on my wedding day. We’re usually like this.
Our husbands don’t like playing board games when us sisters are on the same team. Unstoppable.
Photo: Shanna Allen

I just loved driving my sibs around to our favorite shops (most of which we just browsed and drooled at the beauty of cozy fall sweaters, the high seas of leather boots, and more workout clothes than we could ever possibly wear since she and her husband just bought a house and we are embracing grad school and a teacher salary). For eats and drinks, we hit up Summit Brewery’s tasting room, La Cucaracha, Axel’s Bonfire, and several Caribous. Classic STP. All four of us cherished time to chat and catch up.

Getting our servings of Veggies at the Downtown St. Paul Farmer’s Market.
Brr. But worth it.

Is there anything better on a rainy weekend than some cozy family to bring sunshine across the state border with their hugs and smiles? I think not. Except maybe if you share some lasagna bolognese that they also brought. Then maybe only even better if you have apple cinnamon stuffed french toast (sorry, no pictures – we ate it too quickly) and strong coffee on Saturday morning and follow it up with the farmer’s market.

Now that they’re back in Wisconsin, it’s sunny here in MN. Thanks for bringing the sunshine this weekend, guys!

Raindrops on autumn leaves. Not bad, cellphone camera!

Note: pictures of familyfuntimes from this weekend will come as soon as I get a cord to plug my Nikon into my Mac. 🙂


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