Cinnamon Toscano and Apple Cider.

Quick Wednesday night update.

1. My real live hologrammed loon drivers license came in the mail yesterday. It’s official. I’m a Minnesotan (legally).

2.. Also, some autumnal treats that are on the menu this week at home: Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Toscano cheese (yes, cinnamon). It has a nutty, unique flavor that goes great with apples and whole wheat crackers. mmmmm.

3. Lately I can’t get enough hot apple cider with Aspen mulling spice. In my morning mug replacing coffee (replacing the caffeine buzz with a sugar buzz), or in my favorite “minnesota” mug (thanks K.L.) when I’m curled up cozy style as the fall rain knocks leaves off the maples outside in our courtyard.

4. The past two nights I’ve had fabulous phone dates with two lovely longtime friends. These chats make me smile for hours after I click the end-call button. Love getting caught up on the latest nitty gritty. As if no time at all has passed since our last chat.

5. How about this for adorable:  My husband put this up in our kitchen last weekend. Any reference to macaroni and cheese and cupcakes in one piece of art is fine by me.

6. I love making lists. Happy almost weekend!


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