I’m Not Scared.

Fearless St. Paul Explorers, the McCanns

This time of year, it seems everyone is all about halloween. Every channel on tv has a Halloween special, or is featuring scary movies (sometimes scary how bad the acting and special effects are). The weekends that bookend Halloween are chock full of dressup parties and fantastic costume experiments. Just look at Facebook.

I will be the first to admit that I’m a scaredy cat. More like a scaredy puppy… I’m most definitely a dog person. Ever since I was little, I ascended the basement stairs two or three at a time, tucked my toes in tightly and rarely, if ever, peeked under my bed for fear of who knows what (only a scary trundle bed).  Watching a scary movie at sleepovers involved several blankets and a pillow covering my eyes for 98% of the film. I was that girl.  Even now, I scurry to bed if the lights are off and always make my husband (bless him) turn off the last light once I’m safely tucked in. In the light, all of this seems a tidge ridiculous. But there is something, I think, about the unknown, that is legitimately scary.

Fearless (3-year-old) Aly McCann (I’m ready for anything with my helmet and bat). Watch out, UnderBed Monsters!

Though I live with this charming prone-to-being-scared-ness, I have come to realize that being scared is a waste of time. The unknown, in and of itself, poses a hint of uneasiness.  There are bits of things to be afraid of everywhere you look.  Most if it we have no control over. However, spending time dwelling on all of the scary things in life is overrated, in my humble opinion.  True, there is a time to be cautious and prudent, aware of what is out there.  Then, however, to choose to see in what ways the unknown also poses incredible opportunity.  Scary becomes beauty to be unwrapped.

A dark city skyline… or, a beautiful sunset.

Had we been scared to try a new city, we wouldn’t have made some new friends (already! yes!) and embarked on this St. Paulian adventure.  Instead of being scared to start writing a blog, I just started. And so far, I’ve felt incredibly supported (thanks!) Opportunities lie in getting to know that which scares us. I would like to think that as I grow older, this scaredy puppy turns into a curious yet confident, bright and trustworthy (and let’s be honest, adorable) dog.

Happy {Un-Scary} Halloween!


5 thoughts on “I’m Not Scared.

  1. You were marvelous at three, and still are. Now the trick is to treat yourself to a fun Halloween. Hi to Ian who I’m sure will protect any scaredy puppy left in you.

  2. I like to think that this is where faith comes in, in the process of taking the leap towards the scary. Faith in ourselves, and in our big guy over us. The fear then becomes a growth in faith, rather than a closed door.

    PS: Love reading, keep blogging!
    PPS: Miss you, partner.

  3. Sometimes being a grown up is REALLY SCARY, but the Holy Spirit and all those Saints guide us through. You just say “here you take this” and they do!

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