Thoughts on a Thursday Eve.

Some days the words come pouring. Others, not so much. Today, it feels like the latter. But here we go 🙂

We just got home from a weekend trip back home in Wisconsin where we spent some time with my husband’s family. Do you ever travel someplace, and have such a relaxing, fabulous time that before you know it, you’re back home and it’s Monday morning and you wonder how it is possible you’re driving to back to Monday-morning-work already?  Pfew. that’s how I’m feeling this week. Thank goodness for a Friday in two days. When the weeks get long, I prepare for the impending (yay) weekend by counting Wednesday as Thursday Eve. Tomorrow, yes, would then be Friday Eve.  Or, “practically Friday already”. So, happy practically Friday!

Seriously though, this weekend was family-delightful.  We cheered on my brother-in-law to a Victory in tournament football and then saw him in an incredible performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I was completely enthralled by the color, songs, and talent the HighSchoolers could manage. Actually, they more than managed. More like nailed it.  Also, we stopped by the Miller’s pumpkin display. Some shots of their incredibly carved pumpkins are below.

Friday night lights.

At the football game. My toes (though cute in leather boots) froze into ice cubes.

The Miller Pumpkin Display at the Millers’ house. Seriously incredible.

Sweet pumpkin carving.

Are you joking?!

After the musical… O as the egyptian guard, a handsome husband, and one proud Mom

We have been spending the past two months getting comfortable with our routines and the city and traffic and new grocery stores (more on that at a later date!). The last few weekends we’ve been breaking our routines. Family visiting us, Us visiting family, staying out until almost 11 on a Friday. Some wiiiild and crazy lovebirds. I know.

I spent a better part of the ride home (back to Minnesota – our new home 🙂 drinking coffee and cokezero while quizzing my husband on muscle innervations and muscle origins and a myriad of other anatomical terms. Seems cheesy, but these are times I love… hours together, laughing with each other at the fist pumper/gagnam style rapper in the yellow Ford Mustang we keep passing on the interstate and singing and talking.

Some new, cozy, and homey things I’m loving about this city tonight:

1. Living 1.4 miles from Trader Joes. and their wine department. and their being .2 miles from work. and their “imported” Wisconsin cheese (hehe imported!)

2. Our leather couch in our family room. Always a cozy spot to watch football (or nap during the game). I am slightly hesitant to mention we spend most dinners upon it for the latest House Hunters or E60 (the only show on ESPN I actually really enjoy – they get tears out of me every episode). As I’m writing this, my husband is studying on it. And I quote, “Babe, I love our couch.” He seriously just said it.

3. Sunshine after practically a week of cloudy and rainy and thanks, Daylight Savings, an early sunset. Early morning sun on my 5 minute commute is included in this joy.

Here comes the sun, little darling.

4. My 5 minute commute, and my chat with my Mom en route.

5. My students bringing in food drive items to help the needy this month. Even if they are motivated by an out of uniform day.

6. Sharing recipes with friends (especially Giada recipes.. and getting hairstylist suggestions from friends.

7. Crock pot dinner when I come home, making our house smell all barbequey. And then listening to a new podcast while we study and grade papers, respectively, so not really performing any of the aforementioned tasks well. But being happy and cozy all the while, which is what really counts.

8. Christmas season ads and music in November. And a lack of political ads. This is one merry girl.

Happy Thursday Eve!

I guess it turned out to be a words-pouring day after all.


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