Places to Go, Things to Do… Summit Brewery


It never ceases to amaze me how many different microbrews there are when we go to the grocery store or out to a local restaurant!  We try to try a new brew every so often.  Our lowest shelf in the fridge is currently a cornucopia of beers. My husband prefers stouts. I prefer girly honey beers. Neither of us are crazy about IPAs. We don’t claim to be conoisseurs, but after a long week, a cold one with pizza most definitely hits the spot.

Also, we have found, if we’re going to spend precious money on beer we don’t want to be disappointed with a blahse light beer. Something with body. With hops, with honey, with a one-two punch of delicious. (On a side note, brewing our own last year proved to be less than delicious and less than carbonated. Ich. Let’s leave it to the pros).

Enter Summit beer.

When we were trying to decide which city would be our new home for Chiropractic School, several of my relatives who lived in the Twin Cities wanted to take us around town to showcase the best parts of the city. Enter Summit Brewery.


My aunt took the two of us, one afternoon, to a brewery tour at Summit Brewery.  Bonus: they’re free! They just ask for food pantry donations. They have a beautiful location overlooking the Mississippi, just off West Seventh.  The tour was delightful. The big beautiful copper vats and science behind the process never cease to amaze me. So. Much. Beer!  After the tour (to be honest, I couldn’t tell you the hops station from the malt station, nor how long any brew brews. It’s beer magic), they give you some tokens for free beers from their tasting room.

We sat on their patio, enjoyed the early summer sun, and began leaning toward making STP our new home! My aunt sweetened the deal with some souvenier pint glasses and a stylish Summit tee from the gift shop.  Also! They have soap made with beer for sale! Sudsy. Seriously.



A vat of beer. A pretty copper vat that they had imported from brewer friends in Germany.


On the patio! Sunny. With glasses of liquid sunshine.


The Summit Brewery Tour worked! She got us to move here! Brilliance.

A few months later, we went back to the tasting room with my sister, brother in law, and uncle (also a STP transplant from Wisconsin). They are officially now open every Friday for happy hour!  How wonderful to gather with family, try a flight… or two… and relax after a work week!  Love it.

Tasting Room on a Friday

Tasting Room on a Friday.

Beer is Life Stamp. We're in!

Beer is My Life Stamp. We’re in!

Flight 1. Fun!

Flight 1. Fun!

Flight 1. All delicious.

Flight 2. All delicious.

Making friends, one pint at a time.

Making friends, one pint at a time.

Summit beers are on tap at pretty much any Saint Paul restaurant. They’re like Leinies for you Wisconsinites.  Their beer is a great gift for your favorite anyone, also. Mmm. And visit their website here: Summit Brewing

Slainte! Cheers! Salut!


3 thoughts on “Places to Go, Things to Do… Summit Brewery

  1. What fun. Be sure to let me know the next time you go!

    Everyone back in the school groove? I heard that the new Nova prospectus carries a pix of the cutest little kid in the school.

    I’m planning to go to a surprise birthday party tonite for Pat Ruesch. That should take some of the stress off of the football game. Go Pack!

    Love, Aunt Inez

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