Birthday Cake(s)!


Last week was my birthday!  I love how when you’re little everyone asks you if you “feel older” on your birthday. I never did, but I felt like I should probably tell said adults I did.  To seem grownup and all.

This year, as another birthday came and went, I felt exactly the same on the 23rd as I did on the 25th.  Maybe a little wiser. I only feel older the day after a good workout. However, something that was different, though, was that this was the first birthday ever I hadn’t been at Mom and Dad’s to celebrate with my parents/family.

Birthdays growing up were something of a festive affair.  There was a hand-sewn banner, our favorite meal (mine was usually something that had summery, hard to find ingredients or required charcoal grilling – Thanks, Mom and Dad – as I was getting tired of wintry dishes by the end of January!), our choice of cake (as a sweet young darling I always chose boxed confetti cake with homemade pink buttercream frosting and eventually grew into the ever-so-decadent-and-time-consuming-but-worth-every-minute flourless chocolate torte with ganache).

This year, I had a regular school day (my students sang and wished me many “mooooooore” happy birthdays).  My husband picked me up from work (thank you below zero Minnesota winter weather for the birthday gift of an extremely flat tire as well as Sinclair Auto for the birthday gift of two new tires for my Honda – is it still a gift if you have to pay for them?). Lo and behold. The best birthday was about to begin!


On the front passenger seat was a beautiful bouquet of pink and white daisies! Next to the flowers I saw something that literally made me squeak/squeal/giggle. Without further ado, the piece(s) de resistance…

Four pieces of Cafe Latte cake. Four.

WHAT?! I felt loved.

If you’ve not been to Cafe Latte, go today. We’ve been fans of their cake even before we moved here… They are on Grand Ave., and have a beautiful selection of cakes, espresso drinks, salads, soups, specialty pizzas, and sandwiches. It’s a great place to meet a friend for lunch or order a cake for someone’s birthday (yes!) but be prepared to wait in line, especially if you go on the weekend!

Back to the cakes. My so sweet husband knows the way to my heart: chocolate. Here’s the breakdown:

1. flourless chocolate cake with about an inch of chocolate ganache blanketing and fudge-ifying.

2. chocolate layered cake with pink buttercream frosting!

3. tres leche cake (layered, moist, and just the right combination of vanilla bean flavor without being excessively sweet, garnished with raspberries)

and 4. Cafe Latte’s “famous” turtle layer cake.

Commence the drooling…





Seriously, there is an inch of ganache.

Seriously, there is an inch of ganache.

We shared only two of the decadent slices of heaven on my birthday, though all four did get a candle and I naturally made a wish, fear not. The evening was nightcapped with a sweet facetime conversation with my parents and sister, during which my parents sang and played a piano duet that happens to be a birthday staple in our family.

This rates among the best of birthdays… I had family and love and four times the sweetness oozing out of every part of the day. Luckiest. Girl. Ever.



One thought on “Birthday Cake(s)!

  1. Hi Aly-it’s Marla Wamsley (you’d know me as Marla Harer, former neighbor while growing up on Lindbergh St.). Happy Belated Birthday! You have grown into a fantastic young woman, I can see that from pictures and from your description of life. I have a hard time imagining you all grown up, as my memories are from those elementary times of your life. Just wanted to say hi–I live in Asheville, NC now, but computers are a great way of staying in touch with so many people from the past.
    Much love to you!

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