I Work Out! (Staying Motivated When it’s FREEZING Outside)

Happy Saturday! We just had a lovely day running errands and hitting the gym. It can be hard to stay motivated when below freezing temps happen for four months in a row. We’re members at Planet Fitness of Bloomington – I really recommend signing up… only 10 dollars a month for the budget savvy athletes out there.

Today, some extra motivation came from my new Athleta leggings. I always think working out can be so much more fun if  1. you’re wearing spandex and  2. you’re wearing something sparkly. My sparkly came in the form of a blue glitter headband.

This goes to show you can sing and workout at the same time. Impressive.

Also, let’s not underestimate the power of a good playlist.

Inspired by Lululemon’s recent blog post about top-secret workout playlists, I thought I’d share what gets me through a workout.  Hehe. I have a few playlists I cycle through on my ipod.  It is important to change it up, so you don’t get bored with the same songs in the same order. So, of course, I shuffle (and sometimes then get way excited when a great song pops up. Sometimes I even dance in between sets. Always there is singing. Everybody else has their earbuds in, so they can’t hear, right?).

Here goes. Aly’s Workout Essential Playlist Titles:

1. Run Fast Girlie (for intense cardio days. Intense means more than 10 minutes. I used to do long distance/marathon training and running, but now I’m more into a ‘let’s stay healthy and fit into my jeans and boost my endorphins and feel great about being me’ mentality).

2. I Pick Things Up and Put Them Down (yes, it’s called that. Inspired by a Planet Fitness commercial)

3. Angry Workout (I really am not an angry person and most of the songs on this list are girly as ever, but the angry workout playlist really gets me energized for lifting any weight over 10 pounds. Especially since I’ve been doing some circuit training with my husband that has included bench pressing (twenty pounds PLUS the bar… hold your applause till the end of the post, please).

4. One of two podcasts: First, Joy the Baker podcast (I know it’s not a playlist, but it makes me laugh so hard and makes the gym experience more enjoyable. Check JtB out on itunes! Second, Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me podcast from Chicago’s NPR. Hilarious way to keep up to speed with the weekly news. Check WW out on itunes!

I do not claim to be any sort of musical connoisseur (my brother might faint when he reads the list that follows), nor might this be the most conventional workout list, but without further ado, some of my favorite songs from the above playlists that frequently grace my earbuds:

Lumineers – Ho Hey (I may or may not scare my treadmill neighbors when I shout, “ho!” and “hey!”)

Rihanna – You da One

Dave Barnes – Carry Me Through

Mat Kearney – Hey Mama (I have a special playlist for all things Mat Kearney as well)

Taylor Swift – Ours (Who doesn’t like a little T Swizz?)

La Roux – In for the Kill and Bulletproof (these are as techno as I get)

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home is Wherever I’m With You

Almost hate to admit the next one. Train – Hey, Soul Sister

Journey – Any Way You Want It

Ole Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra) – You Make Me Feel So Young

Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me (acoustic version, of course)

Nickel Creek – The Fox (I know all the words)

Black Eyed Peas – Pump It (I used to clean our dorm room to the Black Eyed Peas in college, dance-with-the-vacuum style)

Foo Fighters – My Hero (totally inspirational)

Other motivating factors include thinking about the burger from Blue Door I’ll eat when we go out later, and most importantly, my handsome husband, who inspires me to be healthy and active.

One of my favorite workout shirts. Thanks, Dad :)

One of my favorite workout shirts. Thanks, Dad 🙂

So, here’s to mall-walking, yoga-ing, skiing, cycling, shuffling your ipod as you dance in your apartment-ing, shoveling your driveway, or whatever keeps you fit as a fiddle in these chilly months!


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