Places to Go, Things to Do… Claddagh Coffee


So, we discovered a treasure yesterday.  A little ways up West Seventh Street, close to downtown, lies the Connemara Stone of coffee shops (anytime I find an Irish anything – not terribly hard to find in this city, mind you – I just gush). It’s the perfect combination of charming, old world with exposed brick walls, and funky, with unique Irish-themed lattes and coffee-shoppy music. All married beautifully with fantastic service and hospitality.

Claddagh Coffee Shop! Go! Visit! Caffeinate!  Wear your claddagh ring and get a discount. Not joking.

The Claddagh symbol graces many corners of the shop!

The idea behind a claddagh symbol often found on irish jewelry (two hands holding a crowned heart) is a balance of love, friendship, and loyalty.  What beautiful principles to base your business on!  Owner Mary Hogan-Bard served us with a smile. Her coffee shop has only been open for about a year and a half, selling lattes, sandwiches, bakery and desserts.  The place was pretty full when we got there on Monday for some midday caffeine.

As per usual, I had the world’s most difficult time choosing between the myriad of specialty lattes. You try to decide. Dirty Seamus, Nutty Mick, The Claddagh, and the Black and Tan all tempted me. Check out the menu here and here. I finally decided on a “Sister Mary Claddagh” latte (blood orange extract, chocolate, and espresso) and my husband ordered a “Drop-Kick Murphy” (an iced latte sweetened with Coca-Cola!).

Just when the winter blahs threaten with their windchilly icicles, a cozy new hangout/meetup spot/ taste of cozy home warmed our hearts and gave us the chutzpah to face another snowy day. We’re most definitely going back. Enjoy some of the photos!

Empty cups… a good sign!
Artwork near the entrance blesses patrons with Irish flavor.
Sister Mary Claddagh herself.
There’s a coke in here. Slightly sweet, definitely caffeinated!
Cool Celtic Artwork
Steamy mugs ready for some shots.
We got some studying and paper-grading done too. Yay!
Love the hand-painted chalkboard menus and Irish flair EVERYwhere.
Two floors of charm!
Good to the last drop. Two claddagh thumbs up!

Check out their website here.


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