Places to Go, Things to See… Pizzeria Lola

Over the weekend my parents visited us in our new home.  (I still call it new though we’ve been here for seven months!)  We shopped in Edina and got some adorable wine charms {here} and plenty of apartment inspiration at West Elm and Crate and Barrel. Our weekend was jam packed with incredible family dinners, name-that-tune sitting by the fireplace, shopping, and birthday parties. Yes, two nights in a row of cake and ice cream.

My parents and I keep in pretty close touch with phone chats, but it there is nothing that beats actual face time (hehe) through morning coffee, homemade breakfasts, a day  of shopping, and lunch at the best pizzeria in West Minneapolis. (Even Minnesota Monthly Magazine thinks so. They made the cover. See article {here}.


Pizzeria Lola first crossed my radar when I watched an episode of Diners Drive-ins and Dives. Any place endorsed by Guy Fieri is always fine by me. Psst. We have a secret checklist that is DDD based.

Guy Fieri Ate Here!

Guy Fieri Ate Here!

First off, the place is named after the owner’s dog. Adorable. It is located in a super neighborhoody corner of Southwest Minneapolis, nearly in Edina. Meet Lola.

The decor is eclectic asian cutesy cozy vintage. The plates are vintage and they use birch logs to heat the wood-fire artisan pizza oven. Which heats the whole place. I can imagine their winter heating bills are relatively inexpensive.  They have local beers on tap and a photo booth in back! What! Yes. One wall welcomes patrons to clip their photobooth pics, becoming part of the Lola family. Annd, the place smells like pizza. Sold.



Notice the aluminum can (tomato cans?) light fixtures. Green.






Image Courtesy of Vimeo


Image Courtesy of

Oh, and their pizza is off da hook. Hello Flavortown (had to use a Guy quote)! Take a look at the menu:


We ordered the Iowan (La Quercia prosciutto, ricotta, mozzarella, garlic confit, and arugula) and the meatball special (House-made meatballs, mozzarella, provolone, ricotta, house red sauce, finished with parsley & oregano). Oh my. We eat pizza in our family. And if I can proclaim myself a pizza expert (ahem) this is some of the best. EVER! The crust is a two day process (you go, Chef Ann Kim) and the wood fire heats the cheese on a 550 degree stone surface (closer to 800 in the top of the HUGE oven). These heavenly bubbles and perfectly creamy melted cheese compliment the unique topping selections. Don’t get me started on the flavor combinations that dance an italian salsa-meringue-tango-polka-hiphop dance (Attend a family wedding and you’ll see firsthand this dance combination.) in your mouth. They also do desserts, but we had to save room for birthday cake later that night. Next time, for sure.

Feast your eyes on some of our pizza. Drooling on your keyboard/ipad is allowed.






Pizza Love

More Pizza Love

More Pizza Love

The hints of Korean influence adds a certain je ne sais quoi to this quirky, delicious, delightful gem.


Is that Godzilla? Yes siree.

A little matchbox souvenir

A little matchbox souvenir


I’m a sucker for beautiful chalkboard art! And French at a pizzeria with Asian flair. I melt.


Just out for a walk around the block and ‘oh, hello best pizza ever.’

Highly recommended! Check out Pizzeria Lola here: {website} {facebook}



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