Places to Go, Things to Do… Blue Door Pub

The sun shining through someone's beer glass and projecting a Saint Paddy's Day rainbow onto our table!

The sun shining through someone’s beer glass and projecting a Saint Paddy’s Day rainbow onto our table as we decide which Blucys to tackle!

Everyone in Saint Paul is in love with the Blue Door Pub. Maybe this is a blanket assumption, but if they have a Saint Paul address, and if they’ve been here longer than a month, chances are they’ve elbowed their way into this corner pub. It’s quintessential.

Since moving here, we’ve been at least four times.  We bring friends and family when they visit. We go to celebrate the end of 1st trimester at Chiropractic school and St. Patrick’s Day!

What is it that charms everyone in the city to cram into the cozy pub, wait sometimes up to an hour (no reservations here!), enjoy their local tap brews, and scorch their tongues on the melty cheese oozing out of the blucys (Blue Door juicy lucys)? Besides the magic and sunshine as seen in the rainbow-beer photo above, I believe it’s the burgers.

The flavor combinations are beyond unique, with delicious and fresh ingredients, and a burger of the month (March is the “Erin Go Blucy,” a blucy reuben of sorts.  My favorite B.O.M. was the Lumberjack – a burger stuffed with smoked gouda and bacon, then topped with maple syrup!).  Burgers are made to order, and their simplicity and originality keep customers coming back to the BDP for more! Plus, burgers are reasonably priced, for those of us on a budget!

If the decadence of the stuffed burgers isn’t enough, anyone who knows anything orders cajun tater tots on the side.


Latin Kisses.

The last time we went, we ordered “Latin Kisses” as an appetizer, “Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in glorious bacon and dusted with our own Karma.”  They come with a dipping sauce. As if they needed it!

A close up of my Hawaiian Burger - stuffed with fresh mozzarella and canadian bacon.

A close up of my Luau Blucy – stuffed with fresh mozzarella and canadian bacon, then topped with two pineapple rings and some sweet chili lime sauce. And the tots. Always with tots. You can get deep fried green beans, fries, or regular tots too. Oh, the possibilities!

Ready for it!

Ready for it!

Every time I say Mozzarella, it comes out like Giada would say it, "Mozz-ah-lell-ah!"

Every time I say “mozzarella,” it comes out like Giada would say it, “Mozz-ah-lell-ah!”

The legendary Jiffy Burger. With bacon and peanut butter and some other surprises.

The legendary Jiffy Burger. With bacon and peanut butter and some other surprises.

The BDP has gotten so wildly popular (yes, Guy Fieri has graced its booths) that they’ve opened a new location in Longfellow across the river. We’ve yet to venture to the Mini Apple to see the new establishment, which is rumored to be twice the size and just as busy!

Enjoy some more photos:

Notice the blue door. The owners translated its former name,

Notice the blue door.
What’s in a name? The owners translated the building’s former occupant’s name, Porta Azul (a Puerto Rican Restaurant), to The Blue Door Pub. Creative, huh!


After some hot food and cold beer, some seriously satisfied customers.

What's on tap? Also, Guy Fieri's stamp of approval/awesomeness.

What’s on tap? Also, Guy Fieri’s stamp of approval/awesomeness.



Reasons to be in love with the BDP:

1. You can write on chalkboard walls if you’re seated in a booth.

2. There is a Blucy Challenge Club. We have a key-ring punch card that our server punches for us each time we try one of their ten blucy burgers. We’re filling our punch card up quickly, approaching the prize of a t-shirt and a free eleventh blucy!

3. Happy hour taps are $2!

4. See #3 and celebrate again.

5. It’s next to three or four antique shops, which are next to a zillion houses in Merriam Park. Neighborhoody at its best.

6. They have sweet swag {here}.

7. In the summer, you can eat outside at cafe tables. We’ll be bringing our new puppy there most definitely.

8. The staff, bartenders, and servers are hilarious and hospitable. Plus, the owner/chef/cooks know their burgers. Check out co-owner Jeremy Woerner being interviewed {here} by City Pages.

Enough talk. As I’m on spring break here in MN and not some sunny locale on a beach, I plan on heading to the BDP at least once to indulge in a supremely delicious Blucy. Bring on the free t-shirt!

The Blue Door Pub website is {here}.

Their Facebook page is {here}.

Vote for the BDP in City Pages’ Best Of 2013 {here}.


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