Ready for something adorable? Drumroll please…

Our Huckleberry at 3 weeks old!

Our Huckleberry at 3 weeks old!

We’re getting a beagle! Annnd We CAN’T WAIT!

We’ve named him Huckleberry McCann, still looking for a stately middle name.  Suggestions?  He is growing daily with his siblings in South Dakota at Lonesome Grove, and we are planning on road tripping to his breeder’s home and picking him up in two-three weeks.

Let me tell you, there is a LOT involved in getting ready for a puppy.  Dog owners, you know. Not only have we been getting copious amounts of doggie gear (more on that below), we have been reading up on training a puppy and welcoming him into our home as smoothly as possible.  Apparently there will be waking up in the middle of the night for the first few weeks!  We will be crate training him and lucky for us, we live in a dog-friendly condo.  That means doggie do-do bags and receptacles provided near the sidewalk!  Thanks to Cesar Millan’s How to Raise the Perfect Dog and our new vet down the street, we’re becoming informed on the how-tos, the definitely-dos, and the what-not-to-dos when it comes to bringing a puppy home.

Doggie swag has its own category on Amazon, Etsy, and every other online retailer.  Oh man, we have been reading reviews on products and ordering the best/ most natural/ sturdy/ cute products for our Huck. I can only imagine how much money we’ll spend on our own children (someday…)!!

His new collar {Planet Dog}, and his new leash {Mendota Slip Leads} are matchy blue.

Then, we ordered a customized name tag from {The Copper Poppy}.

Thanks Copper Poppy - we LOVE the id tag. They stamped our phone number on the back, too.

Thanks Copper Poppy – we LOVE the id tag. They stamped our phone number on the back, too.

I know having a dog is more than an excuse to buy cute doggie things, but preparing for our new little arrival has been incredibly fun for both of us – it gives an opportunity for a study break and a grading-papers break, something to be excited about together.  We are completely looking forward to training, walking with him along the Mississippi River Trail, finding dog parks and dog-friendly restaurants (outdoor seating, naturally), and playing with our new pup.

The countdown is on!!

The countdown is on!!

Other fun things we’ve bought in preparation:

~Nylabones for teething

~a Puppy kong and giant Peanut butter tubs from Sam’s Club – nice quiet chew toy!

~Bully Sticks. Gross (not saying what they’re made of… look them up if you’re curious), but since dogs train with scent first and then taste and sight, they’re a good snack to replace rawhide until he’s older.

~Grooming tools

~a Kennel Huck can grow into – there is an adjustable/removable center panel!

We have drunk the puppy Koolaid and are loving it.

Huckleberry's Kennel and tub of doggie gear!

Huckleberry’s Kennel and tub of doggie gear!

I’ll leave you with a study done at a Japanese University.  They studied the effects looking at cute things had on productivity:

“Kawaii (a Japanese word meaning “cute”) things are popular because they produce positive feelings… In this study, three experiments were conducted to examine the effects of viewing cute images on subsequent motor-skill task performance. 

…after seeing a pictures of baby animals (puppies and kittens), after seeing adult animals (dogs and cats) and after seeing pleasant foods (steak, sushi and pasta). Far and away, productivity was best in the first condition – you can see this in the chart below. This was true across both genders participating in the experiment.”

“The researchers have a few thoughts on why, exactly, this happens. What is it about baby animals that would lead to students having more exact movements? One idea is that it has to do with how we talk to puppies and kittens, generally in a slower voice. That behavioral tendency, they theorize ‘may transfer to subsequent task performance.’

Students may have also become more attuned to fine movements.

Caring for babies (nurturance) not only involves tender treatments but also requires careful attention to the targets’ physical and mental states as well as vigilance against possible threats to the targets. If viewing cute things makes the viewer more attentive, the performance of a non-motor perceptual task would also be improved.”

The following photos were taken at Lonesome Grove Beagles, in South Dakota.

Huckleberry at two weeks

Huckleberry at two weeks

Huckleberry at three weeks. Check out his wrinkles!

Huckleberry at three weeks. Check out his wrinkles!

I would like to echo the findings of this survey.  Hopefully you’ll go accomplish something and be really productive when you finish reading.  I’ve also been told by a coworker that a local university brings puppies to campus during finals week to release students’ study anxiety/tension/stress. Talk about productivity. BRILLIANT!

Although, I have to admit that more often than not, we find ourselves spending evenings watching YouTube video after YouTube video of training, frolicking, sleeping, playing puppies. Not quite what I’d call productive. But fulfilling and heartwarming… most definitely.

Huckleberry updates to follow after our South Dakota road trip!!



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