Doggie Real-Talk

So, it’s been awhile. Five weeks, to be exact. Sorry bout it, but, ladies and gentlemen, having a puppy is hard. work. with a learning curve like Everest. Actually, maybe not quite so steep. But the energy required and the lifestyle change that a puppy brings is most definitely epic.

That being said, we are all happy, healthy, and back in the swing of things!  We are both back to work/school (I only took four days off – most of which were after all-nighters of puppy cry) and find we appreciate our little guy more now that we have found a fantastic dog-sitter and leave the house from time to time 🙂

Without further ado, I present to you a list of lessons we have learned these past three weeks since becoming proud owners of this handsome guy:




New Puppy Advice from a Three-Week-Veteran Puppy Mom

1. After the first couple of nights of new-puppy parenthood, do not get up and let him out of the kennel if he whines at midnight, 1 am, 2 am, 3 am, or 4 am. Or any time in between those hours either. Yes your heart will break a little bit to hear him cry. But, buck up, he will learn to put himself back to sleep.

2. Buy good earplugs.

3. Take turns with your spouse. Appreciate them when they take the 5am take-the-dog-outside shift.

4. Beagles like liver treats, not chicken nor beef. And, use sparingly so he still wants to eat his own food. And, take away his water dish around 7-8 in the evening. Helps with midnight accidents.

5. Do not put towels in the bottom of the kennel because there {will} be accidents. You will do copious mini loads of laundry.

6. Leave the house for awhile and do normal things. Puppies are resilient and you will be all the more sane. Also, you can bring him every dog-friendly place you want. Budget extra time, as walking puppies {especially social ones, like ours} park their bottoms every 50 yards or so.  Sometimes it’s to say hello to strangers. Othertimes its for no apparent reason at all, other than they think the world revolves around them.

**Additionally, if your puppy is cute (have you ever met one that isn’t?!) you might consider charging for the petting sessions from strangers.  Pay off those student loans!

7. Use {this} heartbeat sound to help soothe a crying pup at night.

8. Empty waterbottles are GREAT and cheap chew toys.

9. However you train, focus on the positive moments and be consistent. Be a broken-record. A broken record that gets excited for going in the right place. And for sitting on command. And for lying down on command. And for going in his kennel… you get the idea.

10. Do not let him bite. Redirect with a waterbottle and/or nylabone and/or bullystick and/or elk antler. Yes! Antlers for chewing.  Apparently, the chewing/biting stops after the puppy teeth fall out. So I’ve heard, anyway…

11. Patience. oh my gosh. The patience. Elementary students on their craziest, spring-fevered, sugar-high days do not come close to the excitement and naughtiness contained in the body of a two month old puppy.

12.  Appreciate the snuggle times. Huckleberry curls up on my lap just before he konks out.  Love this feeling.


Here are some more lovable photos. Just in case you wanted to see how cute he is. We don’t charge for looking 😉


About three hours into our 6+ hour-long trip home from Tyndall, SD. Another tip: get a blanket that smells like the momma dog/litter mates. A good comfort item goes a long way {until he has an accident on it on night two, anyway}.

The antler.

The antler.

Belly rubs encouraged.

Belly rubs encouraged. Those ears are softer than velvet.

Not always sweet. This action shot makes me laugh every time. Oh, puppy teeth.

Not always sweet. This action shot makes me laugh every time. Oh, puppy teeth.

That's one way to nap.

That’s one way to nap. Notice the laptop… playing the heartbeat!

Camera lens was foggy from just coming in from the freezing, snow-covered day.

Camera lens was foggy from just coming in from the freezing, snow-covered day.


Freezing, snow-covered pup.

He's fresh from the tub here.  Huck has had three {weekly} baths. Love the clean-puppy smell!

He’s fresh from the tub here. Huck has had three {weekly} baths. Love the clean-puppy smell!


It’s good to be back. Happy Cinco de Mayo, and standby for some upcoming {Places to Go} posts. We’ve been busy, now that the Minnesota snow has finally stopped (one of my students said it best: April showers bring snow plowers)!! Here’s to a week whose temperature stays above 32 degrees!




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