Flora and Fauna, a Photography Experiment

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Lately I’ve been practicing with my camera’s settings.  I plan on taking some photography classes this summer to hone my skills in the photography department. I’m hoping to {let me throw this out there, world/faithful readers} embrace my photography hobby more in depth.  I’ve been doing my own research but practicing is the only way to get better at art. Messy, but good. {Here} is a great link to DSLR basics put out recently by Lauren Conrad’s beauty blog.


You, faithful readers, are going to be able to say one day, “I knew Aly, the great photographer/writer/teacher when she was just starting that little blog!” I’m feeling ambitious.

There is something beautiful to me about our little patio, the setting for this little shoot. We have, on this little patio, three plants {cross your fingers for their summer survival}, a wrought iron patio table, two mosaic chairs, a bike, and a mini grill that is full of rainwater. No charcoal grills allowed here. All of the above are situated on a trapezoidal {yes, I teach geometry to elementary students} area of approximately 30 square feet.

Ideal place to photograph a rambunctious puppy, right?

Right. We did our best.

Model on the porch.

My model on the porch. Always curious. Always cute.

I’m working on using manual settings; transitioning from auto settings is no walk in the park. These photos are edited only with a little bit of iPhoto tweaking; no Photoshop here {yet!}.

Thank you for reading and watching me grow {hopefully blossom, like my patio plants!} in my photography.

The Flora. a beautiful plant given to me by one of my students' family at the end of the schoolyear.

The Flora. a beautiful plant given to me by one of my students’ family at the end of the schoolyear.

Antique Zinnias on brick.

Antique Zinnias with artsy brick background.

Close up Zinnia.

Close up Zinnia.

Handsome Fauna. Love him.

The handsome Fauna of our tale. Love him.

Love both of these guys.

Love both of these guys.

The ears are as soft as they look.

The ears are as soft as they look.

Posing for the camera.

Posing for the camera. Did you know beagles were lap dogs?

Those eyes.

Those eyes.

Up close.

Up close.

Even closer.

Even closer.

That little mouth makes the cutest beagle bark.

That little mouth makes the cutest beagle bark while he is getting chased/chases us around our kitchen island. We tell him “Quiet,” but I secretly adore this little voice. Puppy personality. Sass. Wonder where he gets it.

Fauna meets Flora. Sniffing and snacking ensues.



Snacking. On dirt.

Snacking. On dirt. Huck has refined tastes.



Snacking. On petals.

And more snacking. On petals. You’d think we didn’t feed him twice a day. {He eats MN-made grain free dog food}

"Sorry, Mom. I'll never do it again..."

“Sorry, Mom. I’ll never do it again…” {Depth of field focusing issues on this photo.}

"...Except maybe one more bite."

“…Except maybe just one more bite.”

We suggest to the pup a training session, you know, to distract him from eating all three patio plants.

We distract with some training. He sits like a dream {with little to no distractions}.

He sits like a dream {with little to no distractions, anyway}.  We’ll perfect the latter in Obedience school. 🙂

Oh, can Huckleberry sit.

Oh, can Huckleberry sit.

and shake. Yes, he shakes. I know. I should be proud. I am beaming over here.

And shake. Yes, he shakes. I know. Proud puppy mama can be seen in the reflection on the patio door.

The flora shall live to see another day!

The flora shall live to see another day!


Aly, aspiring photographer/storyteller.


3 thoughts on “Flora and Fauna, a Photography Experiment

  1. Hi there!

    My name is Carmen and I stumbled upon your comment when I was reading The Beauty Department Blog post about Photography Basics. I saw that you also recently posted about taking your camera off “auto” settings and I just did the same! I started using my husband’s DSLR camera (he uses it for film mainly) and I am taking a basic photography class. I blogged about my 1st homework assignment and all its challenges. I love that you also are challenging yourself with photography. It isn’t that easy, right? I think you have a real eye for it though. I love your photos! It’s no easy thing to get close to an object and focus it like that. Very impressive. I really liked TBD’s post about basic photography because it made it digestable.

    Anyways, just wanted to say hi! Hope you have a pretty day!

    • Hi Carmen!
      Thank you for your kind words and for following silver {city} lining! I was delighted to read your note and see I’m not the only manual-newbie. My first DSLR class is next week and I can’t wait! It is definitely a bumpy road, but a beautiful adventure that is showing me what I am capable of. Empowering!
      Just checked out your blog too and it is lovely! I’ll add you to my reader and look forward to seeing our photographic skills blossom!
      Happiness to you,

      • Thanks, Aly! I too appreciate your kind words. It’s nice to not be the only newbie on the block 😉 It is really empowering and you feel proud when you are able to have a photo focus the way YOU want it to. I have my second class tomorrow! I wish you luck with your 1st class. It’s so much fun! Keep us posted on your developments. Thank you for adding me to your reader. I look forward to traveling with you on your photography journey.

        Have a pretty day!


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