Wednesday Thankfulness.

The sun is shining and temps are climbing above eighty degrees for the fifth day in a row in my corner of the world. Which is a big deal for a city who had snow barely over a month ago!


I am feeling particularly blessed today. For many things. I can hardly believe it’s July already, and the speed with which the summer is breezing by makes me want to stop and appreciate. So, without further ado, I give you Aly’s list of Wednesday Thankfulness.

On July 3rd, my happy heart is thankful for…

big-heart morning naps with my puppy.  Yes. He is allowed on the couch {only if invited by yours truly}. Also, his cute little groans and yoga stretches when he is dreaming and waking up.


big-heart drinking a cup of coffee after a couple weeks of {trying} cutting out caffeine. I forgot how delicious and cozy it makes mornings.

big-heart watching a video of my perfectly adorable niece bounce in her bouncing chair to “Gagnam Style.” She’s got it going on. And face timing with her during play time. I cherish these moments since we live far away.

big-heart walks around Como Lake with a lovely friend talking about painting and wine {fun girl’s night out idea!} and matters of the heart and how summer is a breath of freshness for our souls.

big-heart burning a mixed cd for our road trip to the cabin this week. Even though we both have ipods. Talk about throw back Tuesday. We spent too long downloading new songs last night and jamming to our favorite summer tunes. BTW, the cd is called “Pontunes.” You know, for when we jam on the pontoon on the lake this weekend. {gah!} It includes {Pontoon} by Little Big Town. We are bringing the funk, family.


big-heart the time my husband and I spent picking out songs to download. and singing along. and coming up with the name “Pontunes!” I try to make his study breaks as entertaining as possible.

big-heart new buds on a patio plant.

big-heart trying new recipes like Giada’s Spicy Red Wine spaghetti with goat cheese. SO. GOOD. {recipe}


big-heart trying my hand at a digital photography class {session one starts next Tuesday! More on that later}.

big-heart trying my hand at cake truffles. They were supposed to look like a Pinterest perfection…

…mine are a little bigger and slightly gloppier. But made with love {and only two times did the almond bark clump up due to candy-maker’s whimsical decisions, leading to an extra trip to the store for more almond bark} and also, they’re very, very, addictively delicious.

big-heart daily blue skies and sunshine that bring out sundresses, swimsuits, and sunscreen.

big-heart the blessings of family, freedom and independence.

xoxo and Happy Fourth of July!


One thought on “Wednesday Thankfulness.

  1. So sweet! It’s so wonderful to be thankful for all those things. You are a lucky gal. I love the concept of taking time to appreciate how blessed you are. Thanks for sharing!

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