Sunshine Sangria with Fresh Peaches

Feeling summery? Me too. There’s something in the 95 degrees of humidity and delightfully ever-present sunshine that makes a girl want to sit on a porch swing/pool-side lounge chair/hammock/air-conditioned living room couch and sip a cool beverage with big sunglasses on {and spf 50, of course}.


My summer choice for sitting and sipping.

This too.

or this. Do you feel the Monday tension melting away?

In summertime, I eat fruit like it’s my job. Raspberries, in particular, are my absolute favorite fruit.  They get tossed in to as many recipes as possible, eaten by the handful, as well as picked off the top of family dinner fruit salads when no one is watching.  We used to have a raspberry bush in the back garden growing up that produced two summer crops. Those were the two best months of the year for me.  Picking raspberries was one of my daily chores. Not really a chore, if you knew how I picked them:

One for the basket, two or three for me. Repeat.

While this recipe does not have raspberries, every other kind of fruit is {or can be} on the ingredient list; I just was temporarily out of raspberries {see previous paragraph}. We had recently bought a bunch of peaches from Trader Joes and as it happens, I was looking for places to put peaches {peach ice cream recipe coming later!}.

The beauty of a sangria recipe is that it is a home for deliciously juicy and ripened fruit.  Any and all fruits are welcome. Each time I have made a pitcher of sangria, it has had a slightly different fruit and juice combination, depending on what was on sale that week or what is in season. Be creative with your combinations!

The fruit monkey. In sunny Riviera Maya.

The fruit monkey. In sunny Riviera Maya.

I first fell in love with sangria when I was visiting a friend in Madrid. Theirs was spicy and rich, with a mulled and slightly citrusy, autumnal flavor. On our honeymoon in Mexico, the local sangria was definitely the drink of choice at the swim-up… half red sangria, half margarita. To be sipped on the beach in the salty sea air.  Delicious.

We decided to freshen our sangria up a bit with a light white wine {something sparkly would be yummy too} and amaretto liqueur. When all of the fruit is added and soaked; the result is liquid sunshine, transporting you to your favorite summer sitting spot.



Sunshine Sangria with Fresh Peaches

Yield: one pitcher (ish)

2 cups orange juice

1 bottle of white table wine

3 oz Amaretto Liqueur

1 can ginger ale or lemon-lime soda (optional)

1 granny smith apple, cored and sliced or diced

3-4 peaches, pitted and sliced or diced

Half an orange, sliced in pretty circles

1-2 limes, sliced in pretty circles

Raspberries, if you have any leftover from that quart you got at the Farmer’s Market.

Mix liquid ingredients in a pitcher with a tall spoon. Add prepared fresh fruit. Stir until all ingredients have danced about in the pitcher a bit. Refrigerate for 2-4 hours. The fruit gets a kick as it soaks up some of the amaretto and wine flavors.

Pour into glasses {sangria and fruit} and garnish with a lime slice.

Cheers and happy summer sunshine 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sunshine Sangria with Fresh Peaches

  1. Oh! I love these photos. I am obsessed with sangria. I make it for my family every Christmas, but I always find a new recipe online. I got to try this one! Thanks for sharing!

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