This time last year we were unpacking boxes and getting lost on the streets of Saint Paul! My how time flies. Here’s a little list of {12} things I’ve learned during my {12} months of city living!


{1} Try new things. This means visiting all the grocery stores till you find one {or three} you like/fit your budget. This also means taking a class or two. Eat at restaurants that have menu items you can’t pronounce. Try said items and be pleasantly surprised. This is cookie monster ice cream from Grand Old Creamery. A must.


{2} Face time is a beautiful way to keep in touch with family and friends {and nieces as they grow!}. Schedule it in so you stay connected!

{3} Save money for special occasions {We celebrate each trimester of my husband’s schooling being finished with burgers at BlueDoorPub!} or for everyday occasions. Date nights out make working worth it and keep you balanced.


{4} The zipper merge is bonkers. So is parking near Grand Ave during the winter months. Or driving anywhere during the winter months, for that matter. Icy! Be careful out there, Twin Cities drivers. {How I got licensed}


{5} Meet friends in your neighborhood. Chat for awhile. This makes any new place a home. I love our dog-friendly condo and the many many neighbors who remember Huckleberry’s name!


{6} Jump in. Both feet. Wholeheartedly. Being grownup {relatively} in a new place can be scary. But within the scary lies infinite possibility. Like finding your favorite coffee shop or route to work or park or choosing a new hairstylist or dentist or mechanic or going for it at your new job.


{7} Downtown Minneapolis is confusing. But filled with oh so many funky delights. Next year I vow to cross the bridge and explore more. Including this donut shop.


{8} There is a little bit of country in this city. Parks are lush and lakes are everywhere! There is nothing more re-centering than sunlight through green leaves.


{9} When we move next, I plan being a little bit farther from the highway.  I appreciate peaceful moments.  Falling asleep to speeding cars and rumbling trucks has a relaxing, white noise-y quality, though, once you get used to it.


{10} Blue Door Pub is the best burger joint in the city.  We are working on finding the best coffee shop. Lots of lattes lately.


{11} Walking around the MOA is good exercise. It also provides excellent people watching and wallet denting opportunities.

{12} Call your mother. Moms are good at loving and listening and grounding {as in, bringing you back to the ground.  Not the stay at home because you’ve been naughty kind}.


Hope your week is as delightful as a freshly baked oatmealpeanutbutterchocolatechipcookie.




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