Places to Go, Things to Do… Lake Harriet!

As we continue spending time embracing all that St. Paul’s twin city has to offer, we spent one Tuesday evening in late August at Lake Harriet.  If you’re hanging on to summer and need some last-minute lake time, check it out! Harriet has two beaches, plenty of greenspace acreage and dog-walking/running/biking paths. We met some friends on the hottest day of the summer {heat advisories in full effect} for a picnic.  We know how I feel about hot days: they’re akin to Friday afternoons and freshly brewed coffee and snuggling my niece and phone calls with my loved ones and new shoes. Also, who doesn’t LOVE  a picnic?!


Our evening started with picking up subs from Which Wich, then plopping down on a Mexican blanket near the bandshell with two great {recently engaged – YAY!} friends. They’re hilarious and dear to us. Merriment ensued, naturally.




My turkey sub had cranberry sauce and stuffing. Embracing fall a little too early? I like the juxtaposition.

Scores of Minneapolites bring picnics and their puppies to the Lake Harriet bandshell to spend an evening enjoying Music and Movies, the free entertainment summer series put on by Minneapolis’ Parks and Rec Board. You watch the sunset, share a drink with great company, and listen to lovely tunes. All ages welcome!


Concerts and movies are FREE!


Cucumber Tomato Feta Greek Pasta Salad. Sometimes I get busy in the kitchen.


We gave Huck something to chew to keep him from going bonkers. Lots of new people, smells, and sandwiches to sniff out.

The band when we went was a community band of sorts, which delighted the band geek in me, for sure. I even recognized {my friends and husband rolled their eyes} one or seven of the pieces and eye rolls replayed when I cheered as they announced the band would be playing a Maynard Ferguson piece. Geesh.


This listener has the back of the bandshell to himself. Right idea, sir. What a nice way to listen to music and appreciate the view, simultaneously!


Besides orchestral delights for us french horn aficionados {I really mean just me, band geek, party of one}, the evening provided a lovely stroll along the lake, during which we passed at least a hundred sailboat slips, kayak and SUP board rentals {totally on my life to-do list!}, and rocky, up-northy-reminiscient shorelines.


Walking around the entire lake would provide nearly three miles of exercise. We probably should've thought harder about this option, considering the double scoops we had after the concert.

Walking around the entire lake would provide nearly three miles of exercise. We probably should’ve thought harder about this option, considering the double scoops we had after the concert.





We topped our evening off with some Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream.  The 95 degree heat didn’t stop us from indulging in homemade flavors like Salty Caramel, Nicollet Avenue Pot Hole (Chocolate ice cream w/ fudge, truffles, heath bar & sea salt) and Oreo. There were drips everywhere and a laundry load when we got home, but the best picnic evenings end that way, don’t you think?


Not pictured: Huck, licking up our ice cream drips.

I’m holding on to summer as long as possible on these sunny, yet crispy-cool weekends, avoiding for the moment the impending seasonal pendulum swing toward falling leaves and wool sweaters.  Thinking about drippy ice cream cones and picnics helps. 🙂



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