Lake Calhoun Lovely.

I don’t want to brag or anything, but here is some honest real talk. My sister is the best. She and her husband came to visit this weekend. And. I could hardly wait to edit and post these photos because they are 1. lovely; 2. happy; 3. memories of my favorite people; 4. autumnal; and 5. so stinking cute that I can’t handle it.  Right after they headed home and we had a {teary, huggy} goodbye, I pulled up my big-girl bootstraps and got down to photo editing.

Come Sail Away.

Come Sail Away.

We had the best. weekend. Complete with a French Meadow visit, a Lake Calhoun visit, a Trader Joe’s and MOA visit, a trip to Minnehaha dog park with Huck {a whole post, complete with photos, will be coming up on this wonder of a doggy heaven soon}, an interior decorating brainstorming session at Ikea and then continued at Patina (Click this link. you’ll be glad you did. And this one too: my new iphone case).

In addition to sharing what’s been up in our long-distance lives, suggesting new books to read and movies to watch, as well as planning our next visit and life goals and dreams, Kristin and I also decided to both we are both adding photo collage walls to our homes.

I’m just getting started.

We also had a round of Shamrocks Juicy Nookie burgers and “Wisconsin” Cheese curds.  Then we indulged in two ahh-mazing pizzas from Pizza Luce – “loaded baked potato” and “the bear,” a meat-lover’s option, of course. YUM!



Having our siblings visit means so much to me.  I feel so at home when they visit!  We had endless great conversation, watched Argo (see it!) and Now You See Me (what a twist at the end!) and drank lots of Copper Rock coffee (Freshly roasted coffee beans are hands down the best hostess gift ever!) and pumpkin beers.  We also got them some sweet NWHSU swag to represent on the east side of the Mississippi.

To top it all off, we sisters continued our epic winning streak as we {nearly} swept the series of several very rousing rounds of Catch Phrase. Note Bene: we won the sports and games round {Humble-brag}.

No big. Just a little tired today. But not, however, too tired to share these lovely photos from the lake.


These photos were taken at Lake Calhoun {my first time visiting this Minneapolis oasis, but will be sure to return!}.  I’m always on the lookout for nice locations to shoot at. My sibs happily agreed to be my lovebird models on Friday as we visited the lake.  Apparently they are not often asked at work to model for photographers. Weird. They are naturals.



True Love.


We first had the bright idea of walking around the whole lake. HAH! That’s a long way. Miles, even. So, we walked a quarter of the way around {on the trail marked bikes, mind you… oops}, took some pretty pictures, got our long hair stuck in our lipgloss due to the crisp, sudden gusts of lake breeze, and walked back to the car {this time on the trail marked ‘pedestrians,’ thank you very much}.












Sketchy photo effects!

Sketched Sepia photo effects!

This posing was all for a teeny beef liver treat. He earned it!

This posing was all for a teeny beef liver treat. He earned it!

to the left, to the left!

Tall and regal pup!

Superhero pup!

Superhero pup!


I know I say it all the time, but, THOSE EARS!!

I know I say it all the time, but, THOSE EARS!!

More photos of Kristin and Bradley. Two years of marriage down, a lifetime to go!



Why hello there. Yes, I do this often, why do you ask?

Aww, our shoes!

Aww, our shoes!

When I asked Kristin to step into the sunshine for better lighting, this is what she did. Beautiful.

When I asked Kristin to step into the sunshine for better lighting, this is what she did. Beautiful.








Also sassy. Cute though, right?



Whitewashed exposure. ISO was too high, but I love the effect!


Sailing off into the distance. Sort of.

Sailing off into the distance. Sort of.

I am always amazed at the stark contrast between the bluest sky and the puffiest of cotton ball clouds. They are an eternal fascination of mine, and both subjects I like to include in my photos.




Here are some girly/ sisterly love shots. Thanks to my photographer brother in law Brad, we were able to capture these precious moments.
Sister love.

Sister love.

True sister love.

True sister love.

It's not easy modeling while the pup is chasing a squirrel scent.

It’s not easy modeling while the pup is chasing a squirrel scent.

More love.

More love.


As good as it gets!

After our beachy photo shoot, it was on to the cheesiest of all lunches. This hot little number warmed us up, body and soul, after the aforementioned chilly fall off-the-lake breeze. Thank you, French Meadow for your continued excellence!

Mac N Cheese

I am so excited to see these two again soon, and photograph them at Thanksgiving. WITH THEIR NEW PUPPY! Abraham. He and Huckleberry will be the cutest of subjects.

On a side {but sortof related} note, I am entirely excited to be taking photos of a dear friend’s little ones this week. Pray for lovely weather, the grace to know which camera settings to use at which time and the sunshine and lighting of these photos. Here we go, photographer-girl!!



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