Best Breakfast: The Buttered Tin

We discovered a bakery/cafe that feels like breakfast in bed. Sun shines through the windows and drenches the wooden tables and the butter yellow tufted booth seats with its warmth {even in these below zero days!}.  Plates are loaded with colorful, fresh fruits and veggies and hearty home-baked bread.  Their bacon is THICK, and their coffee is strong. Their bakery case is one I dream about, American, but reminiscent of a classic French patisserie. STOCKED with mini, rustic apple pies, crunchy granola, buttercream-topped cupcakes, chocolate chip whoopee cookies, and “TBT” ho-hos!

Is this real life?




Poised and Ready…



Well, twice in the past four days it’s been my real life! Good Morning Buttered Tin!

...And After.

…And After.

On our first visit, we arrived just before noon on Saturday, prime brunching hour. Needless to say, at a popular restaurant such as The Buttered Tin, we waited about 45 minutes to be seated. It’s a small corner cafe in a big city.  Classic Saint Paul: feels like a neighborhood cafe, where everybody knows how you take your coffee.  Many customers whirled in for their morning cup of joe and freshly baked scone while we waited.  Others waited for their table, chitchatting and cheers-ing with mimosas.  We chose to linger over our dark roasts and drool over the bakery case.




Cupcakes and Ho-Hos!

Our corner table dripped with sunshine. The waitress was delightfully sunny herself, happy to keep the refills coming.  Everyone ordered something different from the tin-and-paper menu, posted over the open kitchen:


Huevos Rancheros Benedict.


Biscuits and Gravy {with two organic poached eggs}.


Buttermilk Pancakes {with salted maple bacon butter} {see above photos – inhaled by yours truly}.

‘Pig’s Eye’ Breakfast {another nickname of Saint Paul-clever!}.

Roasted Veggie Sandwich. {eaten too quickly to be photographed!}

Bread Pudding HotDish Special.


I only made my family wait a minute or two – enough to snap some “before” photos. The “after” shots were unanimous: clean plates, perfectly full tummies, and happy hearts.



On the “Next Time We HAVE to Try This…” List are: the Thanksgiving Sandwich, the Short Rib Reuben, Creamy Polenta {with smoked bacon and mushroom ragout + egg}, and the Banana Foster French Toast {with maple pecans and fresh whipped cream}. Also, the Arnold Palmer Iced Tea!

In order to tackle the above list, since today was a “Cold Day,” I met a lovely friend {dearest Emily!} and crossed the Banana Foster French Toast off the list. Sweet, light, fluffy, nutty, and homey. My new favorite.


Their “Sweets” menu sells breads, cupcakes, cake by the slice, mini pies, and daily specials of bars/brownies/cinnamonrolls. Plus, they do custom sweets catering!

One of the owners, Alicia, was on the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars – and helped owner of Cupcake {well known cupcakerie with locations around the cities} take home titles!  They’ve been open only since June of 2013, but have already made a name for themselves, becoming a staple in STP’s up and coming Lowertown neighborhood.

Both owners left the corporate world to pursue their dream of bringing classic, comforting, home-baked, sunshiny American breakfast and lunch foods with a creative twist to friends and family. LOVE. Their head chef came to them from another twin cities restaurant staple: The Smack Shack! See an interview with owner Alicia Hinze {here} and a video of the Buttered Tin owners walking the walk {here}.

Bravo! Delicious. And, cute name.


Open 7-3, every day.  Thanks for bringing the sunshine to the city, Buttered Tin!


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