New Digs.

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Hello there. It’s been some time. How have you been?

It is with a little bit of uncertainty that I start writing here today again!  I have mostly been focusing on my photography job/blog/growing-my-business/while-still-teaching/being-healthy, and consequently, unfortunately, neglecting this page. It’s been a big, deep breath of a writing pause. Which is quite apparent if you look at my 2014 posting record on this little corner of the internet of mine. A little skimpy.

Having moved to a suburban lifestyle this fall to save money while my reason-for-living finishes Chiropractic school, we have been exploring the food/events/arts scene of the Twin Cities a little less frequently, and when we do go out, we’ve been hitting our favorite spots, as a special treat.

So, the thing is, I believe in being thankful for yesterday, looking forward to tomorrow, but mostly living today. This incredible gift of a moment in time. I’m not always punctual nor methodical with my writing. But when I do write, I like to let out my thinking-typing like ocean waves come in. Irregularly-regularly relaxing and surprising, equal parts.

I love being here, even though it’s between there and what’s next for us.

One of my eternally favorite quotes is “bloom where you are planted.” How lovely to just be fully present. The gift that each of us is is enough.  Let that be our thought for today. And maybe for tomorrow too. Talk soon, friends!



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