Winter Weekend Ideas!

Happy Valentine’s Weekend!  Today I have a little list of winter weekend fun ideas for you. I hope you have spent the last day or so with your loved one(s), being cute and snuggly and happy and in love, doing all your favorite together-things.  Truly, the ones we hold dear to our hearts deserve to be told as much every. single. day. Sometimes we get busy and forget. Sometimes work, or commutes, or finishing up work {once you’re already home}, or really important {?!} reality television shows or cell phones that infinitely scroll down rabbit holes of other people’s lives… get in the way.  We live in this world of constant interconnectivity.  But I think maybe we’re forgetting to really connect.

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Here’s to not forgetting, to prioritizing, and to focusing on the important things in life. Which are not actually things. There is a beautifully long list of people who have shaped me into the adventurous, safe, curious, smart, creative, bold, shy, and complex lady-girl that I am.


What is better than baking cookies while your loved one naps, and surprising them with the oatmeal-chocolate-peanutbutterfrostingfilled result upon their awakening?  Or, face timing your sister and alternately laughing about the bachelor and talking about real. life. things, while feeling perfectly safe to speak your mind in the embrace of their comfortable, happy spirit {through the magic of technology, of course}. Or, chatting with your brother and sister in law on a Friday night, while they paint their dining room the most intriguing shade of “Innocence,” and laughing until your belly hurts because you’re cut from the same cloth and also, who names a paint color “Innocence”?!


One of the most freeing things is leaving the cell phone in another room, forgetting about updates and likes and emails and tweets {which are still a bit foreign to me, I have to be honest}.  Making eye contact and soul contact, because, if you really take a minute to look, we humans have been gifted with beautiful eyes, and souls.  Taking time to talk, or listen, or both. Over a cup of coffee or knee to knee on the couch.  But absolutely appreciating the gift their life is to you, in this very moment.


I’m sure I’ll check back here to see how many hits my post received today and maybe tomorrow. Or check my instagram feed once or twice more today. All of that’s okay and beautiful too. But what matters is connecting.  Whispering I Love You. and shouting I LOVE YOU! and saying, thank you for being you.



Also, thanks for waiting for that list. Here’s a list of things to do on a winter weekend in the cities, curated by yours truly, based upon what we’ve been doing when we can brave the out of doors {at least long enough to get to our car}. The original inspiration for this post {Did I get sidetracked?}.

1. Bake these Joy the Baker Oatmeal Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies. I’ve made them twice in two weeks and added dark chocolate chips both times. Today’s batch I plan on bringing to work for Mardi Gras!

2. Go to the dog park. Even if you don’t have a dog. There are dozens of them in the cities, and our favorites are the one at Minnehaha Falls, and Battle Creek.

3. Go Bowling {our new favorite spot is called PINZ!}, but also try Town Hall Lanes or The RANHAM Lanes at the Nook.

4. Shop for new accessories or a new pair of shoes to spruce up your look in the slushy grey days of winter. My favorite is Primp because they have new, unique styles all of the time, plus it’s a little bit less expensive than fancy boutiques.

5. Work out with a friend – bundle up and go walking! Or, go to a class at the gym. Or, youTube a workout video and Pilates like you mean it. You’ll feel glowy and challenged and endorphiny and positive.  What else is there?  I particularly love the short but challenging and invigorating videos from {The Balanced Life Online}.

6. Try a new coffee shop! Just recently found {this list} that makes me want to layer up and have a cup o joe. Then, maybe leave some cash for the next person in line. SHH! I won’t tell. You’ll MAKE their day, I promise.  Our latest stop was Brix, in Woodbury.

7. Volunteer. We’re thinking about volunteering at the local animal shelter. So many who need our love.

xo! Stay Warm! Tell your loved ones that they make your life divine. I’m off to do the same.

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