Best Breakfast: The Buttered Tin

We discovered a bakery/cafe that feels like breakfast in bed. Sun shines through the windows and drenches the wooden tables and the butter yellow tufted booth seats with its warmth {even in these below zero days!}.  Plates are loaded with colorful, fresh fruits and veggies and hearty home-baked bread.  Their bacon is THICK, and their […]

Places to go, Lattes to Drink… The Bean Factory

Sometimes, this is how I feel about living in a cold state: We’ve had an especially ridiculously cold start to winter. There are many things you can do to ameliorate the situation, including but not limited to buying fur lined Sorel boots, always wearing your fur lined hood, a scarf, a hat, mittens, and sometimes […]

Craft Breweries, Football, and some Guess Who

A couple of weekends ago, some besties from Milwaukee (aka cousins/collegefriends/soulfriends and their adorable snuggling pup) came to visit.  You know. I love having people visit. I look forward to weekend visits with happy butterflies.  So does Huckleberry. He barely slept a wink on Thursday night. It gets us out and about, away from the […]

An Apple a Day.

We’ve been eating apples a lot lately. Like it’s our job.  In lunches, as after school snacks, and smeared in apple butter form {a serendipitous moment of “I followed the recipe for overnight crock pot applesauce, but woke up to one overcooked, browned batch of newly named apple butter”}. A peck {or so} of macintosh […]

The State Fair!

I’m a little late on posting about the state fair, but, mark your calendar for next end-of-August. It’s sunny and delightful and street after street of food booths and music and animals and art. Minnesotans {in general} wait 11 months for this event-of-the-year.  They save change, collected from pockets and under car seats and between […]

Places to Go, Things to Do… Lake Harriet!

As we continue spending time embracing all that St. Paul’s twin city has to offer, we spent one Tuesday evening in late August at Lake Harriet.  If you’re hanging on to summer and need some last-minute lake time, check it out! Harriet has two beaches, plenty of greenspace acreage and dog-walking/running/biking paths. We met some […]

Cherry on Top

Having company makes me want to show off the quirky delights and best kept secrets of the cities.  This past weekend, after we returned from a beautiful Milwaukee wedding, my parents drove over for a summer’s -almost-over visit. Topping off a busy, sweet summer with some pre-colors-changing-cooler-temps-coming-sweater-weather-wearing-pumpkin-flavored-everything family time. The weather was sweltering, to say […]

Places to Go, Things to Do… The French Meadow

Encouraged by a lovely hometown-bestie-now-Madison-native-Twin-Cities-expert, I spent a lovely leisurely lunch a little while ago at The French Meadow. It’s in uptown, which is in the southern part of Minneapolis.  I’m still trying to figure out why they call it UP-town. Probably has something to do with the zillion and a half up-and-coming delicious restaurants […]