Our Pacific Northwest Trip in Photos… Seattle

It has been several months since our fantastic trip to the Pacific Northwest last August.  We had an unbelievable time exploring the region of our beautiful country together.  Just as the weather here starts to warm up again, I thought I’d refresh {mostly my own heart} and relive this vacation through some of our favorite photos. […]

New Digs.

Hello there. It’s been some time. How have you been? It is with a little bit of uncertainty that I start writing here today again!  I have mostly been focusing on my photography job/blog/growing-my-business/while-still-teaching/being-healthy, and consequently, unfortunately, neglecting this page. It’s been a big, deep breath of a writing pause. Which is quite apparent if […]

Places to go, Lattes to Drink… The Bean Factory

Sometimes, this is how I feel about living in a cold state: We’ve had an especially ridiculously cold start to winter. There are many things you can do to ameliorate the situation, including but not limited to buying fur lined Sorel boots, always wearing your fur lined hood, a scarf, a hat, mittens, and sometimes […]

Doggie Real-Talk

So, it’s been awhile. Five weeks, to be exact. Sorry bout it, but, ladies and gentlemen, having a puppy is hard. work. with a learning curve like Everest. Actually, maybe not quite so steep. But the energy required and the lifestyle change that a puppy brings is most definitely epic. That being said, we are […]